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Replacement Garage Door Opener: Replace it with a High Quality Remote Control!


Decko 24000 1/2 hp Reduced Noise Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Review

When your the door to your garage breaks, it can be a terrible feeling. Most of the time you can manually pick it up, but sometimes your car gets stuck! You might can patch the old system up, but it may be time to upgrade.

The Decko 24000 1/2 hp Reduced Noise Chain Drive Garage Door Opener offers an easy solution for anyone seeking to replace and automate opening and closing of garage access. This unit is reasonably priced, has a quiet open and close compared to other openers and installs without difficulty.

Decko 24000 Review

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Features and pricing

Attractive pricing at $171.39 makes this quality unit a great deal for those who are in the market for a garage door opener.  A powerful 1/2 HP operating system that is chain driven has been designed to operate quieter than previous versions.  An auto reverse safety system is featured with this model. 

Additional features include:

  • a single button wireless remote control
  • three function wall panel including light, lock, open/close
  • optical safety sensors
  • auto reverse safety sensor
  • 100 watt lighting system (Grab a light bulb when purchasing because the bulb must be purchased separately.)

Installation features

Comes with non-polarized wiring which makes installing the unit simpler and less prone to errors. The opener accommodates garage doors that are up to 7 feet in height and 18 feet in width with an 8 ft extension available for larger garage doors.  The unit also comes with a live help line or online assistance if needed.


A six year limited warranty is included from the manufacturer. The warranty is for 6 years on the motor and 1 year on the other parts. This unit has been designed to withstand extreme temperature changes such as cold and heat.

Decko 24000 review

This unit is extremely easy to install. Online and telephone assistance is available if any questions arise during installation.  Once installed, the opener is extremely quiet, and you will wonder why you have lived with a loud garage door opener all these years!

The wireless remote control is easy to operate. The wall unit includes options for locking the door from the inside.  This is an added security feature in case a remote is lost which gives the Decko unit a leg up on it's competitors. 

I recommend the Decko 24000 1/2 hp reduced noise chain drive garage door opener for the following reasons.  It is a quality product that is reasonably priced, operates more quietly than most chain driven systems, and provides added security features.

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