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Replacement Garage Door Opener: Replace it with a High Quality Remote Control!


Chamberlain KLIK1U Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Review

The Chamberlain KLIK1U Universal Garage Door Opener is produced by a brand that is synonymous with quality access and convenience products for homes and businesses.

Chamberlain is the world’s largest manufacturer of the best door operators, access control products and gate operators and are famous for their innovative designs and first class customer service, giving their customers peace of mind they have purchased a quality product.


Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Opener Review


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This clicker is a perfect solution for anyone who has lost or broken their garage remote control or are simply looking for a well-designed highly functional clicker.

The Chamberlain KLIK1U can work with an extensive number of brands, providing convenient and secure access to your garage and home. It is easy to program and can even operate two different garage door manufacturers at the same time. Operating on just a single cell battery the Chamberlain KLIK1U is the perfect universal remote for convenience and reliability.

Pricing and Features:

The clicker is a bargain, retailing at just $22.99 and comes loaded with user-friendly features such as:

  • Universal remote and is compatible with 99% of garage door brands
  • Fast and easy to program with smart learn button
  • Can be programmed and ready to use in seconds
  • Two buttons for multiple uses
  • Can be programmed for two operations, with two separate garage doors
  • Smooth and sleek design uses less plastic

The Chamberlain KLIK1U is a fantastic design and comes loaded with features to make it easy to use and convenient. The ability to quickly program the remote using the smart learn button saves time and frustration and the ability to use each button for a separate garage door is one of my favourite features.

The instructions are clear and detailed and the clicker itself is a nice compact size and a stylish shape. I would certainly recommend this clicker as it provides fantastic value for money and is extremely easy to use.