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Best Universal Garage Door Keypad Reviews

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of forgetting the garage door remote, or getting dropped off at your house only to realize that you have no way of opening the door? 
This happened to me plenty of times before I finally realized that I needed to install a universal garage keypad. The keypads will allow you to type in a special code into it and the opener on the garage-door mechanism will engage, and the garage door will come up.
I did my research on the top rated keypads and I am here to share the information with you. The folllowing is a review of the two top rated garage door keypad systems on the market. 
Best Universal Garage Door Keypad Reviews 
What are the benefits of having keyless entry? 
These devices can come wired or wireless and with new technology they can be programmed to meet all the requirements to do even more than one function at a time. 
Besides raising the doors, a wireless keypad will also lock it for you. To access the device, the keypad has been programmed to use a numeric code on the pad instead of using a key. On entering the right code, you can either change the settings or open the garage door.
Other than just offering convenience, the biggest benefit of the wireless keypad is that it not only reduces the number of keys that you carry around with you, it also helps reduce the chance of losing the keys and not being able to enter your home or garage.
There could be times when you need to send someone at your home when you are physically away. All you need to simply give out your code to allow them access, which you can change anytime you want. 
Another benefit of this type of garage door opener is that it you can install it anywhere on your garage door because it works by sending the information to the motor. When the right code has been entered, the door opens or closes.
What type of keypad will work with my garage door opener?
You have to find the right keypad that is made for your brand and model of opener if you want to make it work. With so many different brands of garage door openers and different models, it might be difficult to find the right garage door keypad. This is why I recommend
Here are two of the Best Universal Garage Door Keypad reviews:
Liftmaster Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 387LM 

Liftmaster Clicker Universal Wireless Keypad 387LM

This is probably the best universal garage door keypad on the market right now offering very convenient keyless access to the garage.
It boasts a wide range of amazing features, including:
  • Easy installation and programming just within minutes.
  • The programmable access feature allows users to set a one-time access code
  • 12V battery
  • You can flip up the cover for protection from the elements
  • Uses a 4-digit security code. A temporary code can be programmed for use by guests and other people you sent to your house when you are not there
  • This system can upgrade or replace existing garage systems. 
  • It is designed to work with a variety of brands of garage door openers to give you convenient, secure access to your garage and home. 
  • It is compatible with the Chamberlain 315 MHz or 390 MHz garage door
  • The Single button closure makes it simple to secure exit
  • An illuminated keypad display for easy use, day or night and weather cover 
  • The Security+ rolling code technology protects your home from code grabbers
  • No wiring necessary, the keypad mounts with just the two screws included in the package 
Chamberlain 940EV Keyless Entry Garage System 

Chamberlain 940EV Keyless Entry Garage System

The Chamberlain 940EV Keyless Entry Garage delivers the latest technology in security, convenience, and performance.
This is another great universal garage door keypad and one of the most popular brand from Chamberlain.
It is compatible with the following opener brands: Genie, Linear/Moore-o-Matic, Stanley, Overhead Door Code Dodger, Wayne-Dalton, Craftsman, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster, 300/310/315/372/390 MHz receivers.

  • Mounts conveniently outside your garage door so you can open or close it without a key or remote
  • It is sold with a 1 year warranty
  • With wire-free installation, the keypad mounts with just 2 screws
  • Allows for programmable personal identification code
  • Powered by one 9-volt battery
  • It has a weatherproof, slide-up cover for protection
  • The back lit keypad makes it easy to see the numbers, even in the dark
This device indeed makes a great gift. The directions are clear and the programming is easy. The lettering does not wear off the keys regardless of how long you use it. The keypad is good and every keystroke is reliable. The backlight comes on with your first keystroke and turns off automatically.
Chamberlain 940EV is a lifesaver because you can use the short instructions on the unit itself, in addition to the enclosed instructions to operate it. This allows you to reference them during the installation.
It is also very easy to reprogram. In addition to the very clear instructions it means you don’t need to press the ENTER button several times before the light blinks on the unit.

Which Top Rated Garage Door Keypad is the Best to Buy?
While Chamberlain 940EV Keyless Entry Garage and Liftmaster Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 387LM are from the same company, the Chamberlain 940EV Keyless Entry Garage has been rated to be the better of the two models.
Personally I prefer the 940EV because it was very easy to install, price was good and the reviews say that it is very reliable and dependable, and to date I have had zero problems with it.
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